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Empowering Benefits of Essential Oils During Your Menstrual Cycle (Menstrual Problems)

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The normal menstrual period varies significantly from individual to individual.  Some perfectly regular, some unpredictable; some 3 days, some 6 or 7 days; some light, some heavy.  Menstrual problems vary as well.  The more common complaints are:
  Cramps or painful periods (dysmenorrhea) are light to severe pain in the lower abdomen.  In young women before child bearing these may occur with no underlying cause and they tend to become milder with age or disappear after giving birth.  For others there may be underlying reasons for cramps and pain such as endometriosis or uterine fibroids and addressing these issues can relieve this monthly discomfort.
  Heavy bleeding (menorrhagia) either from heavy flow or prolonged bleeding can be severe enough for discomfort and in some cases limiting normal activity.  Some  experience heavier than normal bleeding in the premenopausal years (average menopause is 51 years).
Other menstrual conditions related to missed periods or lack of periods. 
  Oligomenorrhea is the term used to describe infrequent periods.  If a woman has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), caused by hormonal imbalance,  this is one of the symptoms that may be manifested.
  Amenorrhea is the term used to describe the absence of menstrual periods.  If a young woman does not have periods by age 16 or an older woman stops having periods before menopause and without pregnancy it is considered amenorrhea.  This may also be a symptom of PCOS or another cause is extreme exercise.  For female athletes or those very physically active females hormone production may be altered resulting in exercise-induced amenorrhea. 
Health issues that may be associated with menstrual problems are:
  PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) – a hormone imbalance already mentioned
  Uterine Fibroids – Fibrous, non-cancerous tumors, within or on the walls of the uterus
  Endometriosis – Edometrium tissue that normally lines the uterus can grow outside of the uterus (on ovaries, fallopian tubes, and a variety of locations) and respond to the menstrual cycle building up monthly and discharging blood with associated pain and discomfort.
  POF (premature ovarian failure) – when ovaries stop their normal functioning in women under 40.

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Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends: Balance, clary sage, cypress, Deep Blue, geranium, ginger, lavender, marjoram, sandalwood, serenity

Essential oils based products: Life Long Vitality supplements 

Other supplements: dong quai, chaste tree

Also consider: basil, bergamot, helichrysum, peppermint, rosemary, Slim & Sassy

Suggested protocols:
Note: Menstrual problems, for some, may include not only cramps of the uterine muscles but other discomforts such as headaches, constipation, backaches or bloating. These are discussed on other pages and can be consulted directly.
Long Term Preventative Measures
  Life Long Vitality supplements - Many people report that using these nutritional supplements was the foundation of incredible improvement.
  Hormone Balance - Oils and helps to balance hormones should be considered.  Hormonal Balance.  (or simplified consider bergamot and clary sage)

Symptom Relief
Painful periods/cramps - Here are two protocols that were very helpful to specific folks:
 Take 8 -12 drops of sandalwood internally in a capsule at the outset.  On the second day take 6 - 8 drops of sandalwood in a capsule.
  Apply 2 - 4 drops each of cypress and rosemary topically to the abdomen.  Use a warm compress on abdomen after applying oils.
 Also consider bergamot, clary sage, geranium, ginger applied topically to lower abdomen or lower back. For additional help cup & inhale and use a warm compress after applying oils.

(note: Dr. Hill and many others point out that different oils work for different folks and there is usually a need to do some experimentation to determine what works best for each individual)
Heavy bleeding - the suggestion above of LLV is very important.  Other suggestions include:
 Clary sage, cypress, and interestingly enough Slim & Sassy blend topically applied to the lower abdomen are reported to have helped.
 This may be a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).  Go directly to this link for more information.
Irregular periods -
 This may also be a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).  
 Also consider the information on Hormone Balance from Dr. Hill for help.
 Remember that heavy exercise (athletes) can cause irregular periods.

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Testimonials  (shared by Rob James)


Menstrual Cramps
Pam - My 16 year old niece has crazy painful menstrual cramps.  We think that she may have ovarian cysts and/or endometriosis.  It runs in her family.  Should I just recommend clary sage?  Is there anything else I could be recommending?  Should I just have her apply the clary sage to her lower abdomen using some carrier oil?  
Lisa - I think the primary help for that is FM Assist.  I have used it with my daughter and it worked.  You may have to play with the dose to find the exact match.  Also the MJ Assist is for pain that may also work.  If you search the internet for PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) you will find a lot of information where they are finding this imbalance may be linked to blood sugar abnormalities. It’s worth a try.  Our daughter has to watch her carbohydrates, which seems to help with less ovarian cysts, which cause the pain.
Tara - I have PCOS and my doctor has put me on a low dosage of Metformin. I found out a lot about how my body should be working from reading about it. I still have bad cramps but the MJ Assist has helped me a lot but you can't just take one and expect results instantly. I have taken 2 every 4 hours for my joyful 2-3 days of pain and drink a lot of water.

Brenda – Danielle you wrote that you had amazing testimonials using bergamot as an anti inflammatory.  How much, how often and how did you use it?  Under tongue, capsules?  
Danielle - When I started using the bergamot, I stopped having any negative PMS symptoms. I mean totally non-existent. My intuition told me it was the bergamot. Then, my weight just started coming off! I lost 60 pounds over late summer and fall. I also told my friend who had crippling cramps from her menstrual cycle about the bergamot. She tried it and, was amazed. She now has no cramps and has very easy periods. Which for her is huge!
I just drink it with a few drops in a glass of water every day. My friend also drinks it and rubs it topically over her abdomen. Hope that helps!
For me I also had more energy and didn't have stomach issues.  I also noticed weight melting off pretty instantly. I was using frankincense and wild orange as well but when I got bergamot sometime in the summer, the weight just started coming off, very noticeable. It could be the combination of the frankincense and wild orange, too just removing toxins from my liver and body that helped shrink my fat cells.  But, my friend only has the bergamot and she claims it to be her menstrual lifesaver.

Loe - Can you tell me what you use for menstrual cramps besides Deep Blue or DigestZen?  I get pretty heavy cramps and really could use your advice.
Dot - Flax seed oil - 1 TBSP
Krishna - I was able to give up midal! Using clary sage! Just a couple of drops in my hand, rub over area, put on a heating pad if it is really bad! Then I always inhale oils from my hands! Sit back and relax! Pretty soon I'm like,"What am I doing, oh yea, I was in pain! Not anymore!" Love it! Hope this helps! It sure did for me!
Rebecca - Are you taking the LLV?  All my cramps stopped once I started taking this awesome vitamin pack.  Just one of the many great "side effects"!  It took me 3 months to realize that the cramps stopped at the same time LLV started.  I don't have to dread day #2 anymore (the most painful day!)  Hope this will help.  Before the LLV I used to use peppermint.
Caroline - LLV and Zendrocrine for me.  My last monthly completely surprised me with its arrival instead of my 2 weeks of pain and feeling like I am getting a cold.  And way less pain during, only thing is it lasted a bit longer than before.  The only thing that hasn't gone away yet is a headache I get right at the end.  This started a few months ago, on the last day I get a horrible headache.  I just use my peppermint, wintergreen or Deep Blue to help with that.  My guess is that my headache is more cause by eating gluten; I have a bad habit of eating gluten foods during my time.
Jeannie - I gave geranium to a young lady who has severe cramps and had her apply directly to the sight neat. She said her cramps stopped within in 5 min and she was good to go all day. Always be flexible if one oil doesn't work another might.  Your body will tell you.
Bridget - Bergamot! It works really fast and it smells so good, being one of the most highly used perfume bases for a century.
Laura - I agree with a couple others here, Clary sage, geranium, or lavender rubbed with coconut oil on my abdomen and back (I get back cramps) helped me greatly.  Needed only 1-2 applications during the day with clary sage and geranium, even on the bad days.

Samara - What oils would work for menstrual cramps?
Jenny - My daughter uses the FM Assist and she loves them! She takes one and it makes such a huge difference. She has also tried white fir and clary sage and they help too, but she much prefers the FM Assist.
Natalie - I've seen marjoram used with success for the cramping. The FM Assist is a great combo to address many feminine issues. I would also recommend looking to feminine balance with sandalwood applied to stomach to get to the root of the issue.
Pat - The amazing clary sage that works wonders for cramps and all other female issues, at least in my daughters problems. She puts the clary sage on her ankles (both feet) and across the top of her feet, She also uses the FM Assist and now what used to be a big problem is now manageable.
Jan - Peppermint is wonderful too. My girls always ask for it and just rub it over the cramping area.

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Heavy Menstrual Flow
Sophia - I have a very heavy menstrual flow and I came across some information on geranium oil.  It said it can help with a heavy menstrual flow but that is it.  Does anyone know how I am to apply or take in capsules the Geranium oil and for how long?
Kirsten - Very heavy flows could also be compromising your iron levels so if you are also battling tiredness and lethargy it would be a good idea to run some blood tests to see how you are placed there.  I would also support my liver function by eating whole foods, drinking lots of water and cutting out the processed foods, sugary drinks etc.  I would also look at the chemistry of my environment and use OnGuard products as far as possible to clean the home - reducing the toxicity of the environment means my body systems have less to cope with.
In the meantime, if it were me I would definitely think about starting the LifeLong Wellness for all sorts of support reasons, especially the EO Mega.  I would also be using Balance on the soles of my feet in the mornings and I would also make up a blend to gently rub into my stomach over the uterine area.  This would be:
  20 drops fractionated coconut oil
  5 drops Clary Sage
  5 drops Cypress
  3 drops Rosemary
  3 drops Helichrysum
  3 drops Frankincense
Jeannie (from another inquiry) - I gave geranium to a young lady who has severe cramps and had her apply directly to the sight neat. She said her cramps stopped within in 5 min and she was good to go all day. Always be flexible if one oil doesn't work another might. Your body will tell you.
Laura (also from another inquiry)- I agree with a couple others here, Clary sage, geranium, or lavender rubbed with coconut oil on my abdomen and back (I get back cramps) helped me greatly.  Needed only 1-2 applications during the day with clary sage and geranium, even on the bad days.

Susan - I was asked the following, “Can someone advise me please.  I have such awful awful awful periods.  Heavy like you would not believe. I will, at this point, try anything. I have an herbal supplement I need to try, but you have to take so many of them, I am not sure if I will do it! So, other ways to help would be great.
Sharon - Rub Slim & Sassy with FCO on the abdomen.  Give it at least one month and be ready for a pleasant surprise!
Maybe I should expand on that.  Slim & Sassy is what attracted me to doTERRA essential oils. As a nutritional consultant I recognized that these ingredients would detoxify the liver (that's where hormones are not broken down when it's dirty, causing PMS), balance blood sugar (will also cut down on irritability), and dampen appetite but I was not prepared for the hormonal shift. I had abnormal bleeding for one month but no period pain or discomfort at all.  Month two, the bleeding was back to normal.  Like your friend, I had heavy bleeding also due to an inverted uterus.  Just finished month three and again, no problems.  I also used some Slim & Sassy internally but not as much as recommended.
Ramona - I also had success with rubbing clary sage on the abdomen, during a heavy period and it helped a ton.
Pat - Also use cypress it is known to help the heavy bleeding.
Heather - I always had heavy bad periods. I started the LLV supplements thinking it was for my energy, which it helped, but then I started my period and was worried I would be in bed for a day like usual. To my surprise it didn't hurt! I felt a little yucky in my tummy but nothing like before. I used DigestZen for the yucky bloated feeling and it worked like a charm. I bled normal 2 days then wrapped it up by the 4th day. Keep in mind I was heavy for 5 or more days before. When your body can assimilate your vitamins and minerals it works so much better! I am inconsistent at taking vitamins too. Just think at what consistency would do for me!
Jenny - What helps me is to put 1 drop (or 2) of lavender on the sanitary napkin and mix 1-2 drops of clove w/FCO and rub on abdomen. The cramp/pain goes away within 5-10 minutes. I've always had painful periods and had to take Advil/Tylenol for most of my this has been a total lifesaver!
Julie Ann - If you have painful periods you probably have inflammation.  I found out through personal use that nothing simply nothing has the instant effect of taking away the pain, cramps and the totally horrible feeling of monthly's like sandalwood internally.  Take 10 drops at the first sign of the pain; that took care of the first day for me (and I had been hospitalized for them in the past, as they were agonizing), then 6 drops the next day and that was it!  I couldn't believe that I suffered all my life with them and found the answer 2 months before I turned 50....oh well, so much the more, so that I can help someone else!! Then if you want to add bergamot externally over the tummy area...that is totally comforting too!  

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Unusual Menstrual Periods
Annette – I really am having hormone problems. I was having periods every other week... literally. So the doctor put me on birth control medication, the lowest dose. I tried that for a month, and bled slow but constantly for a month, so they put me on the highest dose, and I bled heavy, cramped and felt horrible for a month. So I stopped them, and I quit bleeding, until I just started again after being off for 2 weeks. They said the next step is surgical, but I hate the thought of that. And my face has exploded with acne, I'm sure because of the hormone changes.
Pat – Have you read the material on Candida? There could be this problem as it does have a tendency to cause the bleeding. You could try the GX assist protocol and you could also try the organic tampons with frankincense on them. This has worked for others.
Stephanie - Laura Jacobs in one of her webinars suggested helichrysum internally.
LaReita - Another suggestion would be raw almonds.  I have heard in many different places that raw almonds help with the balancing of hormones. Not only that, but I know they are excellent for heart and colon too!
JRW - I just finished the GX Assist followed with the PB Assist in an effort to fight off Candida that I have had for over a year and a half. One thing I noticed was for the first time since starting my menstrual cycle I had no PMS symptoms (no cramps, crankiness, insomnia, focus issues, etc) and very little back pain. It was the best period ever.
I would say the GX helped about 80%. I am going to do it two more times along with taking the LLW. If it is Candida (which really does make your menstrual cycle so much more worst) then you may need to do the GX Assist a couple times too (I'm doing it 3 times total for extra reinforcement).

April - My friend's daughter has been diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). She doesn't have painful periods or anything, she is just very irregular. Her doctor wants to put her on birth control pills (she is 16) to regulate her period. I know clary sage works well, as does FM Assist, as does LLW. I would like someone to tell me which would be best to start with and how to apply, etc, please!
Editorial comment – there were no direct replies but later comments are included below.
Sherrie - I just thought I'd share my experience last night in case it may help anyone else.    I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  I have undergone fertility treatments, so I know what my ovaries can look like during ovulation from the ultrasounds. My ovaries produce cysts at times during ovulation.  Last night they were very painful as it is around the right time of the month for ovulation.  Being a purist, I don't take anything for this pain, but last night I thought about using the oils.  I applied a drop of basil over each ovary and it greatly diminished the pain. Another couple of drops a couple of hours later and I was good to go!   I feel great today.  Hope this helps someone out there.
Dot – Awesome, I was going to suggest helichrysum but basil is much less expensive.
Gretchen - A friend of mine has the same experiences. I gave her clary sage and basil. She applied clary sage to her lower back and basil to her abdomen and the pain was gone. She didn't have the experience she had in the past of living through the pain until they popped either. She will continue to use these two oils if they come back. I also mentioned to her she could put the basil on a tampon but she wasn't interested in that method.

Darlene - My 16 year old daughter has PCOS.  Does anyone have this and what oils are you using and how are you using these oils?
Pat – Here is a protocol that Kathy has had success with:
Use natural tampons without chlorine. Blend:
  8 drops clary sage
  8 drops frankincense
  8 drops lavender
  8 drops cypress
  2 TBSP melted virgin coconut oil
Soak the mixture into the tampon.  Insert over night.  Do nightly for one week, then switch for a week to:
  8 drops frankincense
  8 drops geranium
  5 drops myrrh
  2 TBSP grape seed oil
Bonnie - Thanks Pat, this is for a 12 year old who can't use a tampon. Any other suggestions? I had her using these oils topically but don't think there was much result, as I kind of expected.
Stephanie - What about mixing the oils with coco butter and making a little bolus and inserting it?  With a 12 year old that can be a little weird for her depending on how she reacts to things like that.
Pat - Also consider just use the same oils on her feet and the female reflexology point (ankles). There are other ways of inserting oils, Stephanie's idea is good also.

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  1. Help! after using a few drops of frankincense & clary sage on my feet every night to help with insomnia & hormone imbalances I realized my hot flashes were now warm and much less. I was sometimes having them every hour. What an improvement! Anyway, I'm 56 & havent had a period in 8 years. All of a sudden the other day when I took my bra off I noticed that my breasts seemed unusually tender, like when I was younger & still had periods. I stopped the clary sage immediately but am still rubbing frankincense on my feet before bed. OHmygoodness! 3 days after I stopped clarysage, my breasts are still very tender and I actually am spotting! Does anyone have any kind of explanation or remedy for this??? Thanks in advance!

    1. Aloha Diane and sorry for the tardy reply as I have had a very busy year. It seems that with the oils your estrogen and progesterone increased causing swelling in your breasts and your period to return. This is wonderful news to reverse the process of menopause as it is, like you say, a return to your youth ... a reversing of the aging process. Thanks for sharing! ... it seems like you were rather alarmed and maybe a bit disappointed that your period was returning but it is a wonderful sign of youth <3 ... I had a client this past year who was barren and we were able to reverse her aging as well and she now has a handsome 3 month old son <3

    2. Thanks for your reply.I learned a lesson ..the essential oils are very powerful medicine indeed! My spotting turned into heavy bleeding bordering on hemorrhaging. In fact, I actually went to see a naturopath who immediately put me on a hormone cream. Even she said that if the bleeding didn't begin to slow in 24 hours or less I should get to the Emergency Room...I'm happy to report with her help It stopped...but I do not go near the clary sage!I continue to use doterra essential oils and absolutly love them!

    3. Thanks for sharing Diane! ... and sorry to hear you suffered so much possibly as an allergic reaction to the clary sage? ... I had an interesting experience when I first started using the oils as well as I was using them all at once and not diluting them. I started to not feel so great and could tell my body was not happy. Luckily, nothing major happened but it taught me that the oils are very powerful and need to be diluted ... and sometimes can have a different effect on different people. I also found it is important to start slow with them and test each one out. Though the ways in which they heal is generally true for most people, everyone's body is different and can have a reaction. I am glad you were able to get the assistance you needed to get the hemorrhaging to stop and that you haven't allowed that experience to stop you from finding healing with the other oils. Thanks for sharing!

  2. clary sage beware. I have been a doterra user for just shy of 2 years. I would caution all of you considering the use of clary sage... Please pay attention to your body. I forget the exact medical terminology (clary sage is not a hormone... but, something to do with it). Let me tell you my experience, my periods are very regular, but typical PMS. I found out about 15 years ago that I am estrogen sensitive. I started applying clary sage neat a few times per week. It almost induced my menstrual cycle, I had heavy periods about every other week. I had no idea that it was clary sage. it was a frightening experience. My doterra upline is a doula, and she said she diffuses clary sage to induce contractions/ labor. I knew for a fact that it was clary sage because I discontinued its use for a month and everything went back to normal. (still no solution for PMS) will try some of these suggestions. I have been diluting the clary sage quite a bit and trying applications. 1 drop per tablespoon carrier oil, with no adverse effects. I carefully take note of the proportions/dilution so I know how to replicate and or adjust. I am surprised I have not read any issue like this with clary sage before. That's why I won't let my girls (12 and 15) touch clary sage... they are going through enough... it really messed with my system.

  3. Hi Melissa, I'm the Diane that posted the comments about hemorrhaging. I absolutely love the oils, they have helped me tremendously. I am going to send a link to my upline. I really think doterra would do well to put some sort of disclaimer specifically about clary sage. Thanks for sharing. I know this will sound stupid to some but believe it or not I was so desperate to get rid of my hot flashes, that I thought I would try the clary sage one more time...very little amount,I did absolutely nothing different and guess what?? I started to spot!!!!!! Now, I do not even go near my clary sage!

  4. Thanks for sharing ladies! ... it is wonderful to learn of the beneficial properties of clary sage ... of course if you don't want to reverse menopause, then you will want to stay away from clary sage ... thanks for bringing up the importance of diluting the oils Melissa ... I learned this the hard way as well ... these oils are very strong and will work wonder if diluted but full strength can cause some allergic reaction, change the hormonal balance causing heavier periods or other adverse affects on the body ... please remember to dilute the oils.

  5. Hi hoping you can help! I'm 32 years old, but at the age of 28 was told I have POF. Thankfully with the help of acupuncture I was able to conceive my daughter who is now three. However, my cycle is out of whack. I'll be 28 days like clockwork, then go a few months with no period. Is there a blend that will help me stay regulated? I currently haven't had a period in 43 days. I'd obviously love to get pregnant again and possibly have a second, but at this point I just want to have my cycle every month. Please help!

  6. Hi Mama K. Thanks for your question! ... and no worries, your menstrual cycle can come back regular. Part of the issue is nutrition and exercise so you will want to eat less sugar and processed foods if you can and try to eat more dark green leafy veggies and other veggies as well. Try to exercise 2-3 times a week if can. Walking is great for women because it helps women to focus. Also try to drink a glass of water every hour. Along with that, clary sage ( is great for bringing back/regulating the menstrual cycle ... other herbal supplements that regulate the menstrual cycle, which you can also find in my store, are the dong quai tincture ( and the chaste tree tincture ( ... I had a client that hadn't had a period in years and her period came back and she got pregnant 4 days later. I'd like to attribute it to my massage but I know that this oil and these tinctures along with her lifestyle changes is more likely what helped her to create the balance to regulate her menstrual cycle and get pregnant. It is also very important to take really good care of yourself. Do something nice/nurturing for yourself every day and take time to just be. I'd love to hear how things are going in a few months!

  7. I already eat a clean diet and workout 5-6 days per week. I have been for years! I initially started doing this because my acupuncturist told me to eliminate wheat, sugar, and animal dairy. Do you think the clary sage will work by itself?

  8. Awesome! That is wonderful that you are eating clean. It is an amazing accomplishment. Is your workout intense? ... If so, you may want to do something lighter. It is advisable to work out every day if it is a gentle exercise like walking or yoga but if it is more intense, you may want to workout only 2-3 times a week. Many women lose their period from working out too much as well. As for the clary sage, everyone's body is different so there's no guarantee but it will certainly help no matter what. From the experiences of the other women above it seems quite effective in bringing back a waning period, especially for Diane who didn't want her period to come back at all. If something has worked for someone else that to me is good enough reason to try it. I do everything I possibly can when there is that big of an imbalance in my body but if you only want to try one thing, maybe go with the clary sage for now and see how that works for 1 month of daily use.

  9. No, definitely not intense. I usually run/do inclines on the treadmill or around my neighborhood and alternate upper/lower body with light weight training. By no means is it like Cross.Fit. How do you take clary sage? Where do you rub it?

  10. Running is considered vigorous exercise so you may want to try do it only 2-3 times a week just until your period returns. The best way to take clary sage is by rubbing it on your feet. Your feet have the largest pores which circulate the essential oil more quickly. You can rub it on your neck, inner thighs or ankles as well but it won't circulate as quickly. You can also rub it on your abdomen, add it to a bath, put it in your shampoo, add it to a recipe that calls for sage, place it in a capsule with olive oil and take internally or put it in a diffuser. It is recommended to be taken 3 times a day.

  11. How many days should it be taken? I'm assuming not every single day.

  12. How many days does it need to be used or taken? I'm assuming not every single day, right?

  13. You will want to take the oils every day for 2 weeks and then determine how effective it has been in healing your body … everyone's body is different so the oils have a different effect on each individual … natural remedies can be much more effective but often take longer than pharmaceuticals … the other benefit is that there are usually no side effects and natural remedies heal the root of the problem and the symptoms instead of just the symptoms like pharmaceuticals … would love to hear how it works for you

  14. I tried this and it didn't work. I feel like it just made me crampy. So disappointed.

  15. Thanks for sharing ... I'm sorry to hear that the Clary Sage was not effective for your body. Everyone's body is different and needs different things. If you are trying to regulate your mentstrual cycle, you may want to try Frankincense essential oil & DDR Prime Blend which is beneficial at the cellular level. Many have found Sweet Fennel essential oil, Rose essential oil and Lavendar essential oil to be empowering. You may want to take prenatal vitamins, cod liver oil and eat cruciferous vegetables, which is helpful in maintaining healthy estrogen levels. Naturopathic doctors recommend herbal combinations as well. One such recommendation was given in 2 phases: Phase 1 from menstruation to ovulation (day 1 to day 14): Tribulus, Vitex, Saw Palmetto, White Peony, Gymnema, and Licorice Root. Phase 2 from ovulation to menstruation (day 14 to day 1): American Ginseng, Vitex, Saw Palmetto, White Peony, Dong quai and Schisandra. Good luck & I wish you well. Would love to hear how things work for you.