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Empowering Benefits of Essential Oils During Insomnia or Better Sleep

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Insomnia describes a number of unusual sleep patterns that do not allow a person to get the rest needed to function at properly during their waking hours.  This can result from not being able to go to sleep, not being able to stay asleep, or not being able to rest well while asleep.  If any of these conditions occurs for a number of weeks this chronic condition becomes a serious health concern. 
Insomnia can be a primary condition or it can be a symptom of some underlying condition. Anxiety, alcohol, caffeine, stress are common primary causes of insomnia.  Secondary insomnia can come from physical or psychological factors such as depression, indigestion, restless leg syndrome, or a chronic pain condition.
Essential oils are a blessing to those who suffer from not being able to sleep. The sedative and relaxing properties of so many oils provide a wide range of choices. Lavender is very highly recommended. Clary sage, frankincense, marjoram, orange, rosemary, ylang ylang, or blends like Balance, Serenity will also have very good relaxing or sedative properties.

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Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends: clary sage, frankincense, lavender, marjoram, rosemary, Serenity, wild orange, ylang ylang

Suggested protocols:
Many have found this simple solution effective:
  1-3 drops of clary sage under the tongue at bedtime
A key to insomnia is finding the best oils or blends and the best personal application technique. Experiment with different oils/blends and with one or more of the following application techniques:
  Baths and body or foot massage
   Diffuse a blend or single oil in the bedroom or use an inhaler or cup and inhale technique at bed time
   Make a 5% water spritz and spray on the pillow with lavender or other oil
   For children, a foot massage just prior to bedtime using a Serenity, lavender, or a lemon/lavender/carrier blend.  This will be very relaxing and will often help them sleep deeper and awake more refreshed. It can also be a very good bonding time between parents and children.
Note: Some folks become "used to" one oil or technique after a period of time and have to rotate to another for continued results.

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Testimonials   (shared by Rob James)

Michelle - For the past few months I have had chronic insomnia. I have tried Lavender on my feet, as well as diffusing, but it didn't help. I have also tried Clary Sage in a capsule, which has helped a couple of times, but not consistently. I am both emotionally and physically exhausted! Sleeping pills make it worse by disrupting my sleep cycle even more and they make me feel so miserably drugged the following day, they also give me headaches and cause me to be irritable and depressed. Any ideas?
Rosemary - Have you used Serenity?  Place it on one or more of these places: the back of your neck, across your forehead, under your nose, on your feet or around your bellybutton.  I works wonders for me.  When I really stressed, I follow it with lavender.
Dian - I use clary sage under my tongue. That way it gets to the blood stream quicker. Also I diffuse rosemary, Serenity, frankincense, and/or vetiver.
Michelle - You could also try using lemon along with the lavender.  I've heard the two of them combined sometimes helps.
Shannon - Insomnia is a symptom of something deeper either physical or mental.  Are you going through menopause, pre-menopause, or feel hormonally off?  Has there been some unusual stress?  Perhaps take a few minutes to meditate and listen to what your body tells you.
Stephanie - Sleep issues can be caused by candida overgrowth.  I have had people say they are sleeping well for the first time in a long time since starting a candida cleanse.
Lynda - There are several oils that help with insomnia, Lavender, Serenity, Ylang, Ylang, Vetiver.  Experiment using one for at least a few days at a time. Also, a lot of insomnia can be due to our life style.  Just a few days ago I read an article by Dr. Mercola about this very thing.  Here is a summary that was at the end of his article on  Keeping Your Body Clock Running Smoothly:
  Use full-spectrum light bulbs in your home and office during daytime hours. The blue light emitted from TV's and computer screens mimic the blue light found in daytime sunlight, which can alter your melatonin production. Try to turn off computers and electronic gadgets once the sun sets, and avoid watching TV late at night.
  Sleep in total darkness! If there is even the tiniest bit of light in your room it can disrupt your circadian rhythm and your pineal gland's production of the hormones melatonin and serotonin.
  This is the "hidden" secret that most people tend to ignore, but which can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep. Personally, I sleep in a room that is so dark, it's even pitch black at noon. Liberally use blackout shades and drapes to achieve this.
  Sleep when it's dark outside and get up when the sun comes up.

Brenda – I heard someone mention that if you take clary sage internally you will 'sleep like the dead'--wow!  Do you have to take it in a capsule to have that affect or would you take it under your tongue?  How much would you put in a capsule for that?
JRW – I recently took it in a capsule with 5 to 8 drops. I had been sick for nearly a month and nothing seemed to be helping and clary sage was one of the ones I hadn't tried yet so I figured I would see if that would help. I mixed it with a couple of other oils too. I didn't know it would knock me out like that. It’s honestly not something I would recommend. Do you have insomnia or something? I would try something a little less invasive if you can. But then again, not being a clary sage expert I might be completely off my rocker.
Dian - After hearing about clary sage I put a couple of drops under my tongue and I slept like a baby.  I have only used it the one night.  But am going to use it again tonight.  I want to see just what amount i need to use for it to be effect for me.  I am over 50 so the hormonally issues have taken over my sleep.  Hope this helps.
Dian, a day later - I put a couple of drops under my tongue again and slept like a baby again.
Mardi - Wow, I had no idea clary sage would be great for someone with sleeping difficulties.  Does it last well into the next morning or can you get up and go like as if you just had a good nights sleep?  
JRW – When I took 5 – 8 drops I slept clear through the night without waking once. Keep in mind that I was sick so that grogginess could have been the cold. Taking as many drops as I did in a capsule was more like a sedative you get at the dentist office than it was to help in the aid of sleep.
Melissa - But did it make you drag at all this morning? Or did you feel more refreshed?
Melissa - Well I tried it for myself last night. 2 drops under my tongue. (It is even less taste-bud-friendly than I anticipated! Yuck!) But I slept well and honestly, I think my mind is more clear than usual this morning! I've only been up a couple hours but so far, no dragging. Awesome:)
Mardi - I am so glad I know this about Clary Sage.  Sleeping is a big thing for me and if I don't get enough of it I am a "bear" to be around.  So far with the LLV and a number of oils I do take regularly, I have not had an issue with sleep.  But this is a good go to if needed for myself or someone else.
Paula - I am so glad I read this!  There is about one evening every month that I feel like just curling up and crying.  Okay, I do curl up and cry.  But I always put my clary sage, white fir and cypress on my abdomen and use my heating pad.  And within just a few minutes I feel like I will live again. A strange thing that has been puzzling to me is that once I'm feeling better I fall asleep and rest so well.  In the morning the cramping is gone and I feel great.  Not sleepy at all.  If the clary sage has this effect on people that explains why I'm able to rest so well.  I have no sleeping problems but I will put some on tonight and see if it works.  
Laura - Paula, one of the reasons behind clary sage helping in this mixture could be its strength with mellowing hormones and hormonal issues.  One evening a month I used to do what you do, too.  Since I got my first bottle of clary sage and used it every day, I haven't had PMS.

Julie - On this subject, do we know if there are any issues with taking clary sage when taking medications for high blood pressure? My father has horrible sleeping issues (he doesn't sleep) and I had him using Serenity on his feet and it worked for a while but now he's not seeing results so I wanted to try something different and this might be a good solution. Anyway, any advice on using clary sage for sleeping when on high blood pressure meds would be great.
Pat - I have done some research on clary sage and saw nowhere any danger signals regarding medications or HBP. More than anything it talks about relaxing, resting, hormone balancing. Men have hormones also, I really do not think it would hurt your dad at all and maybe even help him relax.
A drop under the tongue is what this forum is suggesting. You haven't a thing to lose and all your Dad will get is a good nights sleep.

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Protocols folks recommend for children

Stephanie - Would you recommend any oils to help a newborn sleep?  My son is 8 weeks old and he is a very poor sleeper.  He rarely sleeps more than 1-2 hours, even at night.  He is also very colicky and fussy.  Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
Brooke - Have you tried a little Wild Orange?  I know that may sound crazy, but it is good for digestive issues - and insomnia - especially in kids.  A little drop before bedtime on his feet may help?
Rob - For my children, who were a little older, I found a foot massage just prior to bedtime using lavender, or I made a blend of lemon and lavender with coconut oil was good.  This helped them sleep through the night and was very relaxing (for them and me) and seemed to help them awake more refreshed. It was also be a very good bonding time between the children and me.

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