Saturday, January 21, 2012

doterra for Cats


Testimonials (shared by Rob James)

Adele - Anyone know of any good resources for cats and EOs?
This is a question from my friend: Casanova, (her cat), had a big fibroid Cyst on his ear that was filled with a fungus.. Gross, I know! So, he doesn't have a tumor, or cancer. But, the fungus would be why his head still tilts, and can cause a lot of problems, too. If he goes on the medicine, it could mess up his liver. Does anyone know enough about oil of Oregano? Is it ok internally, and for cats?
Julie Ann - Melaleuca with massage oil on the ear with a swab and on it's feet.  It will lick it off its feet so that it is ingested.
Jan - I read somewhere that citrus oils were toxic to cats. Does anyone have any information on this? Thanks
Kathy - I haven't used melaleuca on my cat for that reason but I'm not sure if DoTerra's would be safe but I'm staying away from it, I used OnGuard instead and I think Oregano I would try but dilute it - it's very hot!  I diluted OnGuard with 1 drop coconut oil and 1 drop OnGuard, I probably would do 3 drops coconut oil to 1 drop oregano and see how he does with that.  I just put it in the palm of my hand and rub their paws over my palm.


Tanya -
  I'm an IPC and a certified veterinary technician. I wanted to raise some concern about using essential oils to spray your pet for ectoparasites. All of the information I have regarding essential oils and cats seems to indicate that they are highly sensitive to pine, melaleuca and citrus oils. So sensitive, in fact, that it could be toxic to them by prolonged inhalation or even small amounts topically. 

Do not give or use melaleuca or tea tree oil on cats, it is toxic to them! They do not have the same chemical makeup as dogs or humans so stick with lavender or OnGuard diluted.


Kelly -
  We have heard a lot about the effects of essential oils on people, but I have had great results with Serenity blend on our cat when she was in a stressful situation.  The first time I tried using it on the scruff of her neck was when I needed to take her to the groomer because she was so matted.  Butterscotch is usually meowing and roaming around the car whenever she goes somewhere, and shedding like mad!! After a few drops of Serenity she just laid on my lap in the car!  When we got to the groomers she was so relaxed we actually had to turn her over to get to the other side!!!  It made the whole trip so easy!!!

A few months later we had a vet appointment so I did the same.  I have to say that I only used about three drops on the scruff again.  We had the same  outcome; she was so relaxed the staff at the office commented on what a good, calm kitty she is!  I told them about the Serenity blend and they were really impressed.  In fact, one of the office staff bought a bottle!!!

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  1. My cat currently has diarrhea and we have no money to see a vet. What kind of oil would you suggest, and how would you apply it?

    1. Aloha Elise,

      Thanks for your comment and sorry such a tardy reply. For diarrhea, you can rub cinnamon/cassia oil diluted in a carrier oil on the lower stomach area, 3-4 drops. It may also be effective to rub the oil on the paws. Hope this may come in handy in the future.

  2. I have six cats and one is particularly aggressive with just one of the other cats. All are spayed/neutered. I try to keep these two zoned away from each other, but sometimes it doesn't work out. Is there an oil to calm the more aggressive cat? No marking, just some minor battles.

    1. Serenity seems to help calm cats down ... have you tried Serenity?

  3. Please help,

    My cat had ear mites, I think we cleared it up with lavender, purity and rosemary. BUT it's very persistent, almost as if the ear mites won't go away. I just researched online and found out that even if mites are gone, there might still be bacterial/fungal infection in the ears. Her gunk seems different, not like the type she had when she FOR SURE had ear mites. It's a lighter brown instead of a dark coffee brown and more sticky (not sure if that's because of the olive oil tho).
    My husband wants to give the cat away, and I really want to try something else on her before he disappears one day with her and comes home without her.

    1. Think I would keep the cat and give the husband away!

    2. Hi Dayna, basil oil seems to help drain the ears of impurities ... make sure to dilute the oil before applying.

  4. We just got a young cat from the humane society. She is about 6 mo old and has a respiratory infection (a cold) from stress. Checked by their vet, we came home with medicine and instructions that came with warnings of "could cause her to throw up, foam at mouth, or make her not want to eat." Fourteen days of this med once a day. ok... Looking for information on what can be used.

  5. Can use fennel clove and franencise my cat is having tummy issues

  6. My cat is an older cat - he has recently had bloody diarrhea - I was told that he could have parasites or cancer but without a lot of expensive testing we cannot be sure. I was told to treat for parasites first - I put highly diluted Digestzen on his paws but don't know how often or how long I should use this. If this doesn't work - do you know what I would use to treat for cancer?