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The Empowering Benefits of Essential Oils for Broken Bones

Broken or fractured bones can occur anywhere in the body.  They can vary from simple greenstick fracture in a child requiring minimal care to crushing injuries involving multiple bones, tendons, and ligaments with complex displacements requiring intense surgery, plates, screws and months of physical therapy.  There are a number of types of fractures, we list here just a few of the common types:
·  Greenstick Fracture : Bone is not broken completely through the full diameter
·  Transverse Fracture : in this the fracture is at a right angle to the bone's long axis.
·  Spiral Fracture : in this at least one part of the bone has been twisted.
·  Comminuted Fracture : in this the fracture results in several fragments.
·  Stress Fracture : It is a common overuse injury. It is most often seen in athletes who run and jump on hard surfaces such as runners, ballet dancers and basketball players.
·  Open Fracture : An open fracture is a fracture where the broken bone is exposed. That is dangerous because of increased chances of infection.
Signs that there is a fracture and medical attention should be sought include:
·  severe pain, especially with movement of the limb
·  swelling
·  if there is deformity in the limb or an open wound
·  if there is difficulty in moving the injured limb or numbness and tingling indicating nerve damage.
Essential oils of course cannot reposition or splint a fracture but they can hasten the healing process and reduce the discomfort during healing.

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends:
·    Pain relief - Deep Blue, wintergreen
·    Healing - Birch (bone repair), cypress (circulation), helichrysum (nerve damage, tissue regeneration), lemongrass (ligaments), marjoram (tissue rebuilding), and white fir (anti-inflammatory).
·    Stress relief - Balance, lavender
Essential oils based products: Life Long Vitality supplements for proper nutrients.
Also consider: clove, eucalyptus, ginger, oregano, vetiver
Suggested protocols:
Topical application to injured area of Deep Blue or wintergreen as needed for pain.
Topically apply cypress, helichrysum, and white fir to the injured area 2 to 3 times a day.  If there is ligament or tendon damage add lemongrass, if there is muscle damage add marjoram.
Diffuse or cup and inhale Balance and/or lavender if calming is needed.
Use the Life Long Vitality supplements to assure fundamental nutrients

Testimonials (shared by Rob James)

      Karen Merritt

Karen - 
I am so excited to be able to share this experience with you.  I have the "fire in the belly" feeling now when it comes to the oils,` and I will tell you why.  Three and one-half months ago I fell while exercising and broke my shoulder.  It was not just a "break", but an avulsion fracture.  That meant that the muscles supporting the shoulder literally pulled the front bony part of the shoulder up (the fracture) from the force of the fall.  Needless to say, I lost the use of my arm within minutes.  After the hospital visit and x-rays, we came home to wait for the orthopedic surgeon to see me…in three days!!

We live in a small town. I was in shock and called my daughter-in-law to come help me know what to do.  I have gluten intolerance, so the gut issues make it hard to take pain meds.  Guess what I had to use?  That’s right ,the oils.  I thought, “This will be a real test.” We applied Balance, then lemongrass, then cypress.  When I say applied, it was like putting salt and pepper on food. Not just one or two drops, but we shook it on. Immediately I felt better.  I began to relax and spent the next few days layering the oils every two to three hours, my arm resting in a sling until the doctor was in.  When I got to the doctor’s office, he looked at the x-ray, came in and explained that he needed to do surgery to put a plate with six screws in to repair the damage so the muscles would reattach properly. I asked him what my other options were?  He said I could wear a sling (the kind you have to wear after surgery) for six weeks.  He would x-ray it every week, and if there was the slightest bit of movement, we then would do surgery.  I opted for that.

I used the oils frequently, according to how they smelled.  If one made me nauseous, I would use another.  I used wintergreen for pain, marjoram for muscle repair, lemongrass for ligaments, cypress for circulation, Balance for grounding and the emotions associated with not being able to use my arm.  I diffused frankincense,  Elevation, and Citrus Bliss to help me be upbeat.  I used Deep Blue for everything it can do.  I bathed in lavender and cypress.  And, the last two weeks I was able to get birch for bone.  The power from that single oil was amazing!  I added a few drops of helichrysum to the Deep Blue for tissue healing.

Every week I had an appointment with the doctor and every week he said next week we may do surgery, up until the fifth week.  At that visit he said, the bone is healed. Let me have your sling. I want you to start physical therapy. He then shook my hand and said I’m really glad we didn’t do surgery.  WOW!  I have my testimony, I have full use of my arm back and I have a fire in the belly about these amazing oils.  I cannot NOT share what I know and experienced and I challenge all of you to prove the oils for your own selves. 

      Debbie Huckstep
Debbie - My husband broke his toe.  He whimpered and hobbled around for a while and at the end of the day chose to show me his purplish-black swollen ugly toe.  I looked at him and shook my head as I asked why he hadn't used any of the oils.  He replied, "OH YEAH!  I guess I could do that."  He applied oils and within an hour remarked at how the pain was gone and how he should have used the oils immediately.  2 days later he ran a 10k without any problems

Chris - A friend’s mother-in-law fell and broke her shoulder.  I just got a message asking what oils and how often they should be used.  This is more complicated because she has dementia and they are afraid she will get agitated in the hospital so she is being sent home to heal.  What would you suggest for the shoulder and the dementia?  
Tamalu - Alzheimer's and other dementia be devastating, and can potentially complicate any condition.  Bottom line is love and patience, and our oils can sure help with both of those! Dr Lin's Frankincense and Alzheimer's research will be fascinating to see!  I hope everyone is planning to attend Convention!
I would diffuse Lavender or Serenity with Frankincense if this was my mother. I would apply Balance, Deep Blue, White Fir, Lavender and Lemongrass to the shoulder. Birch if she has it. I'd let her recognize the pain leaving, and offer Frankincense and Sandalwood for the cognitive issue. I would also add Lemon to her drinking water for the cognitive issue.
One thing that can be absolutely heartbreaking for a family member is to see a loved one frustrated because he/she knows that the brain and memory are not fully functioning. Even though there are moments of total immersion in the past or total forgetfulness, there are also moments of complete clarity, and deep despair knowing that something is wrong and completely out of control. When the bases have been established, it is so much easier to keep referring back to them "That smells so good; I can feel it helping me", and "Can you feel it working, helping you heal?".
I remember going to trainings and being taught how to deal with our lovely residents when they were combative or disoriented. The best tool I found there was understanding. It hurt me to learn that they would not know me. One day, however, I had torn one of my contacts, so arrived at work wearing glasses. One of my ladies stopped me right away, asking "Did you get new glasses? I've never seen you wear those before!"

Kendra - This lady has been thru it all, since October.  She was in rehab for 7 weeks after breaking her back, then she got MRSA,  and then she got home and broke her hip in the bathroom.  What should I take to her, for her bones?
Pat - This is a great blend for bone healing:
 3 drops Helichrysum
 10 drops Wintergreen
 2 drops Lemongrass
 4 drops Vetiver
 4 drops ginger
 3 drops White Fir
Apply to broken bone area, check for sensitivity and if needed use some coconut oil.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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