Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Empowering Benefits of Essential Oils During Bad Breath/Halitosis

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends:  DigestZen, GX Assist, peppermint
Essential oils based products:
Also consider: Wintergreen - not to be swallowed as not approved for internal consumption
Suggested protocols:
To simply have a breath freshener one or two drops of peppermint or wintergreen directly in the mouth will work (donʻt swallow wintergreen)
If the root cause of halitosis is the digestive tract using one or two drops of the DigestZen blend in water after each meal will aid the digestive system.  For a more thorough process consider using a digestive tract cleanse with GX Assist followed with the probiotic PB Assist.

Testimonials (shared by Rob James)

Pam - Any ideas or solutions on bad breath or halitosis to be exact?
Marti - Pam, commonly bad breath comes from the stomach probably a yeast/Candida problem.  3 drops oregano, 3 drops lemon, 3 drops melaleuca in a gel cap every day for 2 weeks then off for 2 weeks then start again.
Pat – For a breath freshener use peppermint, drop it under your tongue or just in your mouth, and then swallow. One or two drops will be sufficient. Also, I brush my teeth with OnGuard and my breath is so much fresher. Try this it will work.
Natalie - I would look to the gut as well, but I would suggest more of the digestive system. Support gut functions with DigestZen blend  I use 1-2 drops after each meal in water.  If you aren’t comfortable putting drops directly in your mouth another easy way is to put drops on your hand, like on the thumb and then lick it off.  For those with the time use a capsule.  Use until the digestive system is functioning more like it should be.
Maria on my team has used the wintergreen for some time as a breath freshener. I have really enjoyed it, it is a little milder than peppermint, but powerful in it's own right. (do not swallow wintergreen)

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  1. Bad breath in almost all cases is caused by the reaction between bacteria in your mouth and certain proteins which are found in the food we eat, and also in mucus, phlegm, bloog and regenerating gum tissues. For some people, the reaction between the bacteria and the proteins results in a sulfur compound remaining in the mouth which produces bad breath. Click here to know more about treatment for periodontal disease

    1. Thanks Elly! ... I really appreciate that link ... natural products are wonderful and I like it when people share their natural products on my blog <3