Monday, January 9, 2012

Back Pain

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  1. Will this work on herniated disks?

    1. Hi Donsher ... Deep Blue is a great pain reliever for herniated discs but I haven't heard anyone testify to it's healing of the discs ... I do have a testimony from Chris on his formula which I am posting here: "Oils will never rebuild the cartilage. Those are depleted tissue binders that can only be regenerated with the natural building blocks (tissue binders) in the body. Daily adults can take 750 Mlg. of Bone Calcium (for NO MORE THAN ONE YEAR), 2 tsp. goats milk whey (in a hot cup of water and a little pure maple syrup to sweeten), and 1 TBL of liquid chlorophyl (no more than one year). You must stop eating acidic foods, too; processed sugar, refined carbs, pork, tomatoes, citrus juices, and dairy products. Cut back on meat, because it depletes the stomach of Sodium Phosphate (the second tissue binder of the body that must be balanced with BONE calcium for both to work.) This little formula rebuilt 2 herniated discs and 3 bulging discs in my back, 18 years ago, but you must take responsibility for all decisions that you make for your own health and well being that I have offered you here."

      There is also a technique called Muscle Imbalance Correction, which is used to balance and align the spine when it is imbalanced due to some muscles being weaker. You may want to look around for a chiropractor that uses this technique and try it out too. Best of luck!

    2. Oils of the bible on You Tube has great information also explains how White Fir does rebuild cartilage.

    3. Thanks for sharing Jill! Very helpful for those interested in experiencing the empowering benefits of White Fir essential oil

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    As the blog post says the protocol benefits include:

    1) Oils for immediate pain relief
    2) Oils for inflammation reduction
    3) Oils to relax muscles and eliminate the spasms
    4) Oils for increased circulation to facilitate quicker healing
    5) Oils that heal and rebuild the damaged tissue

    Everyone's body is different so there is no guarantee of the exact results but these are all possible results and there should be some result for each one.

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  5. Thank you ... I am glad you are both enjoying the blog